Econsultancy & RedEye: Embracing Predictive Marketing Report 2018

    RedEye | Econsultancy

    RedEye and Econsultancy's latest Predictive Analytics report follows on from last year's report on achieving predictive maturity. 

    This year’s Embracing Predictive Marketing report, the third in the series, follows a survey of 400 marketers carried out in 2016, and a series of qualitative interviews with senior practitioners conducted last year. This latest report revisited some of those interviewees and added others, supplementing the insights from these conversations with data from related survey-based
    Econsultancy reports.

    What you can find out in our Embracing Predictive Marketing Report:

    • Becoming a data-driven organisation

    It might seem that the key to taking advantage of predictive analytics is having sufficient data,
    but having the right organisational mindset is arguably more critical.

    • Managing data

    We believe that there are three linked but separate elements that determine how well organisations are able to make use of data.

    • Taking action based on insight

    The final piece of the puzzle for companies using predictive analytics is their ability to take the insights and turn them into action.

    • AI and machine learning

    It seems no discussion of the future of marketing is complete without a mention of AI and machine learning, usually centred on how soon the robots are going to take over marketers’ jobs.

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