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Guide: Now That’s What I Call Marketing Automation

On average we see brands achieve about 30% of their email revenue just through automation. Head to the top of the charts with our ‘Now that’s what I call automation’ guide

Now is the perfect time to celebrate one of digital marketing’s most beneficial and exciting areas, work more efficiently by automating core campaigns that will keep revenue coming in while you focus on the future.
Check out the greatest hits compilation ‘Now That’s What I Call… Marketing Automation’ Full of ideas and best practices from brands using marketing automation campaigns to their full potential.
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In this album, we have highlighted some of the best automation examples from brands across the country including the following tracks…
⭕ Welcome journey – 74% of customers expect to receive a welcome email immediately after subscribing, do you send one?
⭕ Re-engagement emails – Don’t let all that customer acquisition go to waste extend your customers LTV
⭕ Contextually driven personalisation – Personalised messaging has never been more important
⭕ Customer driven personalisation – Put your customer at the centre of each communication
⭕ Back in stock emails – Proven to encourage customer retention
⭕ Replenishment emails – With an average click-rate of 40-50% don’t forget this key automation strategy
We hope that the six strategies featured will inspire you to develop an online marketing automation strategy to get you to the Number 1 spot.

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