How you can be a long-term marketer in a short-term performance world

Roisin Evans | Strategy Director

Complexity and return: managing digital marketing to escape a zero sum outcome

The choice of marketing channels available to the modern marketer is overwhelming from behavioral retargeting to influencer marketing.

There’s much to manage and more to analyse, while constantly changing customer expectations and preferences can impact how much effort retailers should be putting into each channel.

With such breadth of marketing and performance channels available brands and retailers have to decide where to focus their resources, how to make the most of the data that they capture as well as predict what their customers might do in the future.

AI plays an important role in this forward-looking planning but how do retailers decide on the right balance here and what role should the human play in sense checking what machine-learning is telling us?

Included in this white paper:

  • How to understand the balance between channels and resource
  • Why a channel agnostic approach is important
  • How to blend human and AI
  • Case study MandM Direct
  • 10 Key Strategies for becoming an long-term marketer

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