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5 free AI systems marketers should be using to boost productivity

7th February 2024 - 5 mins


By Lauren Heckman

, Content Marketing Manager

Utilise different AI software to improve your strategy, create content and maximise output.

Don’t know how to integrate AI into your day-to-day work? Especially as a marketer AI can seem a little intimidating, but it needn’t be.
Embrace the technology now available to help you work and create your marketing as efficiently as possible for free.
Although there are costs to some AI software that are made for marketers here is a round-up of our favourites that you can implement today without having to get it signed off on the budget.

1. Grammarly

A must-have for marketers. Writing a host of content, captions and subject lines is useless unless they are free of spelling and grammar mistakes. This handy plugin will ensure you never miss a mistake or hyphen and that your commas are in the right place.
It also advises the tone of voice of your text, its correctness, clarity, engagement and delivery to ensure it’s the best it possibly can be. They have also recently released GrammarlyGO, their generative AI assistant which can identify gaps in your points, offer ideas for improvement or help brainstorm.

2. ChatGPT

If you haven’t had a try of ChatGPT yet have you been living under a rock? Offering a whole host of possibilities to help with research, analysis, copywriting, and generating creative ideas.
Harness the power of AI by asking it anything and it can produce a whole host of insights and information. It is really becoming the new go-to search engine.
However, it is important to use this technology as an aid and not a copy-and-go. It needs to be used alongside human insights and experience.
Some tips on how to get the most of ChatGPT and ensure your prompts are thorough:

Give ChatGPT background information

Although we don’t want to disclose confidential information (you never know if your competitor may be asking ChatGPT about you) giving an insight into what your business does and who your target demographic is. This will ensure the information supplied is more tailored to your business.

Set the output you require

Again, the more information you can give the system the better, offering insights into how you want to use that information, what you require and the formats or tone of voice. ChatGPT can give you bullet points, tables or captions depending on what you need.

Have a conversation with ChatGPT

You don’t have to accept the first answer, you can nurture and tweak it as you go along if there is a topic you would like to expand on.

Be thorough

Our favourite marketing quote is ‘Garbage in = Garbage out’. ChatGPT can only work with what you supply it. Your prompts should be full of detail, including specific actions and output requirements which will ensure what’s produced is tailored to your exact needs.

3. Canva

The online graphic design platform you need to try out for yourself. Although you may have access to some great designers who can create a whole host of assets, Canva enables you to whip up quick and appealing imagery for that Instagram story or presentation.
Plus, knowing what goes into creating different assets gives you more insight into the information your designers may need next time you make a request.
With its easy-to-navigate interface there are a host of AI tools to help you remove backgrounds, impose products into scenarios or even their new AI tool where you can describe the image that you would like and it will generate it using their new ‘Text to Image’ feature.

4. Hootsuite*

Perfect for social media management, Hootsuite enables users to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms and track engagement metrics.
Using AI-powered analytics to provide insights into the best times for you to post, suggest hashtags and monitor your overall social media performance.
Plus their OwlyWriter AI generates captions from a small description and your requested tone of voice and can suggest new post ideas for each social network with their idea generation feature and their AI repurpose tool.

5. Notion

Free for individual use Notion is the ideal tool for those with disorganised minds and desktops. With organisers, task lists, goals, and project planners in heaps of templates and content types, it’s perfect for managing work and life tasks.
Notion AI can summarise your meeting notes and create actionable tasks in priority order as well as suggest content topics and help with copywriting.
It can also work with Slack, so if you were to receive a message with an action required it will create a task and send notifications whenever that task is updated/completed.

The artificial intelligence space is rapidly expanding

Learning how to use AI in your work life will help you be more efficient, as well as produce more and a better-quality work.
At RedEye we are exceedingly excited for the future of what AI can offer to the marketing world. We also have some exciting developments being made starting with our Subject line generator and AI-generated reporting suite, watch out for more to come over the horizon.
*All services were free at the time of writing this article. We are aware that Hootsuite now offers a free 30-day trial. Subject to change.

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