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RedEye launches Criteo API integration

11th November 2021 - 5 mins


By Rob Edwards

, Product Marketing & Strategy Manager

Reach your customers with personalised dynamic display ads with RedEye’s Criteo API Integration.

RedEye’s Criteo API Integration empowers marketers to reach their existing customers segments with personalised dynamic display ads across web, mobile and app advertising.

From within RedEye’s platform, brands can create powerful customer segments leveraging their rich Single Customer View, then automatically and securely sync these segments to Criteo’s platform as part of an automated or one-off campaign.

Criteo’s API leverages Shopper Graph – which holds more than 630 million daily active users – to match your customer segments against its First-Party Media Network to create highly personalised and targeted audiences to target with dynamic display adverts.

With Criteo’s high match rates, brands are equipped with unparalleled targeting opportunities to expand the reach and impact of their existing automated campaigns.
With the introduction of our Criteo integration, brands can create fully multi-channel campaigns across; email, SMS, social, web, push and now dynamic display ads to reach their customers where it matters most.

Audience ideas to get help you started

We’ve teamed up with Criteo to provide you with some of our top audience ideas to help you get started with our integration.

  1. Expand the reach of your newsletter campaigns for key events in your marketing calendar or try targeting non-openers or clickers of your newsletter campaigns to maximise engagement.

  3. Supporting your predictive journeys including customers with a high predicted lifetime value or propensity to lapse. Intervene at just the right time with a truly multi-channel campaign to maximise customers’ value or prevent them from lapsing.

  5. With Christmas and Black Friday around the corner, don’t forget to activate your seasonal buyers with a combined approach to make sure they don’t miss the deals you have on offer.

  7. Know about the perfect upsell or cross sell opportunity for your recent purchasers? Expand the channel mix of your post purchase journey to secure a further sale from your engaged customers.

  9. Are customers not opening your emails? Target unengaged customers from our Predictive Frequency Management model to engage them through personalised display adverts.

    How does it work?

    Users can now simply drag and drop the extract node to their automated or one-off campaigns within the Campaign Management tool.
    Once on the canvas simply choose ‘Social’ and then ‘Criteo Audience’ from the list and set up your campaign as normal.
    Before commissioning campaigns, remember under Extract Summary to tick ‘Criteo Audience’ to sync your audience with Criteo.

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Rob Edwards
Rob Edwards Product Marketing & Strategy Manager

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