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Discover untapped opportunities with Customer Intelligence

27th May 2021 - 5 mins


By Rob Edwards

, Product Marketing & Strategy Manager

RedEye knows that marketers need to understand their customer’s behaviour more than ever to unlock new opportunities to drive not only campaign performance, but customer retention and value.

Now you can go beyond simple campaign reporting and unlock a deeper understanding of the customers powering your brand, all possible through Customer Intelligence – part of RedEye’s Intelligence Suite.
Segment Insight, RedEye’s first feature within Customer Intelligence, allows you to uncover valuable insights about any customer segment.
RedEye has always empowered marketers to consolidate their data into their own unique Single Customer View which provides advanced levels of segmentation and targeting.
With the introduction of Segment Insight, you can now track and analyse the size, value, purchase behaviour and website engagement of any customer segment created overtime.
Equipped with powerful visualisations and custom dashboard tools, you can easily explore and trend your data to discover untapped opportunities and turn insight into automation.
Understanding a marketers’ thirst for knowledge, Segment Insights isn’t restricted to only track standardised or out of the box segments, instead is customisable to your business allowing you to track the segments most important to your brand.

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Marketers are already identifying new opportunities across the customer lifecycle whether it is understanding the AOV of single customers or bookers to inform spend stretch campaigns, the value of instore versus online customers, or measuring engagement of their predicted VIP’s, the insights you can gather from your customers are endless. What will you discover?
Segment Insight represents the start of an exciting roadmap for Customer Intelligence and RedEye’s Intelligence Suite.

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Rob Edwards Product Marketing & Strategy Manager

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