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How the race to connected retail is heating up

The webinar provides a summary of the key trends and changes experienced by retailers during coronavirus-enforced lockdown.

We particularly focus on the ways retailers ensured stores and online worked in harmony for the good of customers and their internal business operations.
Why the coronavirus showed the importance of connected retail experiences, and what it means for 2020 peak trading. Using examples from retailer stories during the pandemic, this webinar looks at how the crisis fast-tracked lots of what retailers have been working on for several years, such as:

  • Ship from store capability
  • Click & collect
  • New methods of fulfilment and routes to customers


Key topics include

  • The rise of eCommerce as a flagship store and how retailers should be leveraging online retail as part of their wider business, rather than as an aside to store-based retail
  • The blurring of the channels and how retailers used stores to support online and vice versa
  • Data-led retailing for the good of the customer and to achieve better conversions
  • Has a new approach to omnichannel retailing emerged as a result of the crisis?
  • What it all means for the Golden Quarter, with retailers preparing for what is typically their busiest time of the year



This On Demand Webinar is hosted by Ben Sillitoe from Retail Gazette with insights from RedEye’s Senior Strategy Manager, Danielle Malvern. This partnership took place in August 2020.


Danielle explores which of these changes may be permanent, which ones should be permanent, and how retailers can use learnings from the last few months to succeed in the future.


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