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HOW TO… use data to turn customers into brand ambassadors

A good customer experience is worth its weight in gold, as it will make your customers more likely to recommend your brand.

But how do you make sure that each and every one of your customers is getting the five star experience? The answer, of course, lies in data.
But it’s not just about the data you have, but more how you use that data. Read on for four ways to use data to turn customers into brand ambassadors today!

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1. Use engagement data to ensure your customer always has an unforgettable experience


Engagement data covers anything and everything your customer does when interacting with you. You can use these informative data points to better understand your customer and how they like to engage with you.


For example: what is your customer’s preferred communication channel? Is it email, SMS, or perhaps push notification?


How many times are your customers visiting your site? Once a week, once a day or once an hour?


What products are they browsing? What is the average value of their basket? What was their last transaction date? What was the product or service they last purchased?


Gathering all these bits of information will help you to find out the frequency, timing and messaging that fits each of your customers best.


By considering the exact requirements and interests of your customer – from the what and how to the when and why of the engagement – will lend that added layer of targeting to your messages, meaning each interaction they have with you will be as perfectly personalised as possible.

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2. Harness the power of your Single Customer View


Every piece of data is a valuable touchpoint to help you build a truly 360-degree view of each customer. This single source will enable you to be confident that you have an accurate picture of what the customer engages with, purchases, and how they behave.


And when thinking about using your data to turn customers into brand ambassadors, this Single Customer View helps you to have the most robust and clear idea of what each individual customer is doing.


This profile can then be used to find lookalikes to target. Gather the profiles of your most loyal or engaged customers and use social media to target profiles that match this with your product or service.


Because you have such a thorough understanding of the profile of your best customers (thanks to your Single Customer View), you can be confident that your lookalike targeting will bring your even more engaged and loyal customers.

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3. Purchase data is an important ally


Obviously, all data points are key to any retail marketing strategy – but when it comes to turning your customers into brand ambassadors, there is one piece of data that really stands out. This, of course, is purchase data.


Purchase data is so important because it can be used to suggest recommendations of complementary products and services to your customers.


For example: if you know that historically customers have often bought product B a few days after product A, then when someone purchases product A it’s a great idea to let them know that they are likely to find B a useful addition.


Utilising purchase data in this way can easily and simply increase the number of your transactions.

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4. Know your VIPs


Identifying who your customer VIPs are and ensuring you keep them loyal is a great way to use data to turn your customers into brand ambassadors.


This is because the more loyal and happy customers you have, the more likely you are to attract more loyal and happy customers.


Being able to pinpoint who these VIPs are comes back to your SCV, as having a clear idea of each individual customer will mean you can easily spot your VIP shoppers!


Once you know who they are, making sure you spoil them and make them feel special will be the name of the game, so they keep on coming back for more. On the flip side, make sure you also identify those customers who are most likely to lapse, and reel them back in with an irresistible deal.


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