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Infographic: The Summer of SMS

11th July 2022 - 2 mins


By Lauren Heckman

, Content Marketing Manager

Support your marketing campaigns with SMS this peak summer season.

As consumers become inundated with marketing emails in this peak season, SMS offers a different route of connection. 
With open rates of 97-99% and read within 15 minutes of receiving it’s one of the most direct forms of marketing you can do.
We have seen that 75% of customers opt-in to receive SMS messaging, offering a huge prospect for new opportunities to connect with customers in a new way and get that sale.
Whether it be a one-off, a peak period like summer, or a long-term commitment, SMS can really boost your marketing efforts and is a simple addition for any marketer building out a multi-channel or multi-step journey.
Scroll through this interactive infographic highlighting the uses of SMS communications, how you can still keep the same levels of personalisation and contextualisation as email and use SMS to build brand loyalty.
View The Summer of SMS infographic here

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Lauren Heckman Content Marketing Manager

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