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Part 3 Post Peak: Getting your campaigns back to normal and maximising the value of your new peak purchasers

1st November 2020 - 7 mins


By Chris Wilde

, Campaign and Deliverability Executive

After planning and preparing a show stopping Black Friday campaign, executing it smoothy to multiple segments driving engagement and maximising sales… now what?

After a busy peak campaign, sadly marketers can’t take a break as its vital to firstly ensure you get your campaigns back to normal, but also you have a short window of opportunity to maximise the value of any new customers you might have collected through peak, while your brand is fresh in their minds.
So, ensure you have a few things planned and prepared for when your peak campaigns wrap up.

Your deliverability might need some TLC

Many brands will decide to send to their disengaged segments over peak to maximise reach, therefore it’s fair to say many might experience a slightly bruised IP repetition.
It’s important that you get back to best practice after Black Friday and focus on your most engaged customers. Remember, getting back to good deliverability is reliant on focusing on your good data and holding off on the bad.
Send your next stage campaigns to those you know are more likely to interact, engage and ultimately repeat purchase with you.
Leave your disengaged customers – those you tried to reactivate with your peak campaigns but they didn’t engage or make a purchase – a little while to recoup which will also allow your reputation to heal.
Remember, it’s not only about deliverability but also frequency. If you continue to bombard disengaged customers with emails they don’t want – you also run the risk of them unsubscribing and losing them as a customer for good.
Snoozing the alarm

Don’t forget your snoozers

As we know not everyone customer is interested in Black Friday, in your preparation campaigns you may enable some customers to ‘snooze’ their emails over peak.
This is the perfect way to offer your customers a great experience by listening to their needs if they don’t want to see any Black Friday deals, and enables you to continue to keep hold of a larger database for the future.
However, don’t forget them! These customers will have taken the time to update their preferences with you, so will be ready to engage with you when the snooze is over.
Therefore, ensure you have an exciting campaign ready to re-active them that will really stand out, show them what they missed and get your brand front of mind again.
Making a card payment on a mobile

Don’t treat all single purchasers the same

Over peak there will be lots of new customers who are trying your brand for the first time. Therefore, one of the biggest segments in your database after peak will be ‘single purchasers’.
With a 27% chance that they will purchase from you again, you should focus your efforts on trying to retain those customers and encourage them to make a second purchase.
The likelihood they will continue purchasing with your brand then increases the more purchases they make as they will become more loyal to your brand, ultimately improving your overall customer lifetime value.
But not all single purchasers should be treated the same. The key is understanding who out of the single purchasers are more likely to convert to a second purchase. Those will be highly engaged and have the potential to be high valuable customers so should be communicated too differently from those that might need an enticing nudge to convert again.
Using the Multi-Purchase Predictive Model within RedEye’s Predictive Suite, you will be able to identify from your peak single purchasers who is likely to purchase again enabling you to alter the content, offers or discounts within your campaigns based on the likelihood of a repeat purchase.
By focusing incentivised offers only to those who are least likely to convert, will avoid any lost revenue from providing the same to those more likely to easily convert without an incentive.
But the key here isn’t just an offer or no offer, but to ensure that all emails are personalised based off your customers recent behaviours. Take this as an upsell or cross sell opportunity and include content about complimentary or similar products to what they originally purchased.
Also utilise behavioural data, if they made a purchase then came back to your site and browsed additional items ensure you include those abandoned browse – even basket – content into your repeat purchase campaigns to try entice the customer to convert a second time.
Finally, 32% of new customers will make a second purchaser during their first year, so you need to keep their attention while its fresh from peak. Therefore, the timing of your post peak campaigns is key.
Look back at previous years data and examine when customers from peak typically repurchased and use this to plan the most optimal time to launch your post peak campaigns.
We hope this three part blog series providing tips and advice to make the most out of your campaign planning for pre, during and post peak, will enable you to capitalise on the ‘peak of all peaks’ and help your brand end 2020 on a profitable high!

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Chris Wilde Campaign and Deliverability Executive

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