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RedEye “Easiest to do business with” in G2’s Spring 2022 reports

23rd March 2022 - 3 mins


By Andy Gilhooley

, Product Marketing Manager

We are delighted to announce that G2 has awarded RedEye “Easiest to do business with” status within the Marketing Automation category in their Spring 2022 report.

G2 is a tech marketplace where users can go to find and review software across multiple categories. The “Easiest to do business with” badge is awarded to the provider who scores the highest in the relationship index rating for ease.
We’re delighted to be recognised as a marketing automation provider that goes above and beyond for our customers and platform users.
RedEye has always made a strong commitment to customer support through its dedicated account management set-up, client services teams and onboarding project management.
This has been reflected in G2’s Spring 2022 reports where RedEye scored a full 10/10 rating for ease of doing business with, in addition to a rating of 9.3/10 for the quality of support our teams give each client.
Upon hearing the latest news Andrew Stockwell, Chief Commercial Officer, commented, “Our ethos and core values are aligned to being a customer-centric business. We set ourselves out differently by ensuring that our tech is matched by the support of experienced people who our clients can quickly get in touch with. We aim to be seen as an extension of our client’s marketing teams.
We are proud of being recognised as the easiest marketing automation provider to do business with. Thank you to everyone who has given us a review recognising this enabling us to achieve the award.”

G2 Spring 2022 badges
The “Easiest to do business with” badge forms part of a collection of new badges awarded to RedEye from G2 for Spring 2022 – including being a Leader in CDP, High Performer in United Kingdom, Europe, Mid-Market and Small Business for Marketing automation.
Plus the “Users Love Us” badge – a testament to RedEye’s user experience and dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality marketing automation service.
G2 authenticates all the reviews it receives and uses technology that screens for companies reviewing their own products. It weighs most recent reviews more heavily to ensure that scores and rankings reflect up-to-date user perceptions about software in its current state.

Here’s a selection of customers who love using the RedEye marketing automation platform


RedEye reviews sourced by G2


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Andy Gilhooley Product Marketing Manager

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