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Replenishment email campaigns – an easy way to stop customers leaving for your competitors

23rd June 2021 - 5 mins


By Melanie Hurst

, Account Manager

What happens when your customer has finished or used up their favourite product? Do you simply wait and expect them to find their way back to your website to repurchase?

With your competitors a simple click away you are losing out on a great opportunity to secure a repeat purchase!
Assisting customers to re-purchase products before they run out is a great way to win loyal, repeat customers and a replenishment email is timely, personalised and highly relevant so is no surprise it converts just as well as an abandon product email.

How to maximise the performance of your replenishment emails

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1. An attention grabbing subject line

Why not merge in the product name and customer’s name into the email subject line to make sure the email has the highest possible relevance in the inbox without the need to open the email.

2. Direct headline – {{Firstname}}, running low on {{product name}}?

Remember we’ve approached the customer with this email, it’s not led by customer behaviour on your website so they may not be expecting to receive it.
Be bold and honest regarding what the content is about and who it is from – you are their favourite helpful brand after all!

3. Use product merges for the items to be replenished

It’s key you include an image, the product name and a URL click to the product page or a deeplink add to basket for each product.
Consider soft questions on the CTA’s such as “Add Me” or “Top Me Up” rather than just “Shop Now”.
If you have a product feed you can also include up-to-date pricing information and stock levels.

4. Include a link back to the main website

If the customer isn’t ready to re-order just yet all is not lost. It’s a timely reminder at the very least. However, if you have a bestsellers list/cross sell items from a product feed or recommendation engine you can include these as alternative products into this campaign which may result in an extra sale.

5. Consider an offer

If you’ve overlaid additional logic to identify customers who have not purchased in while and are due to lapse why not offer a discount on the item or delivery to help them re-convert, especially if they were previously a high spender.

6. Get the timing just right

Make sure you time the email to allow for your shipping lead times so it arrives before the customer runs out. This doesn’t need to be a manual task either, read on to find out how AI driven marketing automation can do this all for you!
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Taking replenishment email campaigns to the next level

Traditionally, you may be sending replenishment emails out as static reminder emails every couple of months and hoping it lands at the right time to convert the customer.
There is a better way!
Trigger emails that automatically send based on an individual’s unique purchase cycle.
Harnessing the power of machine learning and AI, a predictive model can accurately predict the time when each product you sell is due to be re-purchased for every individual customer.
This means you can target customers who’ve bought the product for the first time just before they should be due to run out making it super convenient for the customer and increases the possibility of the second purchase.

Replenishment campaigns are a win-win for you and your customers

This simple yet effective automation is an easy way to add to the customers experience by making sure your customers never run out of their favourite product, leading to a higher lifetime value, higher customer satisfaction and a customer who won’t be tempted to leave and purchase from your competitors instead.
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