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Streamline your marketing strategy through automation

4th November 2021 - 4 mins


By Andy Gilhooley

, Product Marketing Manager

Marketers face a daily struggle when it comes to time management, resources, improving efficiency and driving revenue.

As a result, there are increasing numbers turning to automation to overcome these challenges. In fact, 80% of marketers credit automation as one of the biggest contributors to their success in 2021.1
In this article, we discuss how automation can help streamline your marketing strategy and lead to increased profitability for your business.

Saving time but keeping scalability

Customers are 40% more likely to spend more than planned on a brand when they realise a shopping experience is highly personalised.
Making use of customers’ behavioural, transactional, and engagement, can help you to deliver more tailored and engaging content that can lead to benefits like customer loyalty.
Automation allows you to manage 1-to-1 personalisation by setting up campaigns and workflows that can automatically trigger personalised campaigns to each individual customer.
Manually sending out personalised email campaigns, particularly at scale, is an extremely time consuming task, let alone the greater risk of data becoming out of date before you have time to manually use it.
A reliable automation solution with the correct data insights can run this in the background, faster and at scale, without you having to worry. Marketers tend to agree, with 74% saying that technology’s ability to save them time was the largest benefit of automation!2
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Become more efficient

Automation can help marketers to become more efficient. In Keap’s 2020 Customer Survey, small business respondents expressed that finding time and resources for marketing was their greatest challenge.3
Automation is the ideal solution to free up marketers time, enabling them to focus on more strategic tasks.
Through automation technology, you can ensure you are connecting with your customers at the right time, with the right message, through the right channels.
Rather than spending lots of time setting up hopeful revenue driving campaigns automating based on how your customer is behaving, will be far more relevant messages your customers are more likely to engage with.
Also enhancing your businesses’ automation platform can also make your team’s resources go further, as you don’t need a huge team to send out multiple manual personalised campaigns.
You just need the right strategy and technology in place. With more time, marketers can dedicate themselves to high-priority tasks within your business. In fact, 75% of marketers say automation will free up time for more interesting and valuable assignments.4
Sleeping on the sofa

Make money in your sleep

And finally, the best benefit of automation is that it can bring in revenue without you even realising it! Around 80% of marketing professionals believe that implementing marketing automation helps them increase revenue.5
The right technology and strategy can be used to respond to customers’ behaviours by understanding their needs, as well as where they are in the life cycle, therefore trigger the most relevant messages to them at the right time.
By reacting to that customer’s needs at that moment, you are more likely to get them to complete that all important purchase with your brand.
In fact, RedEye’s own clients get at least 30% of their revenue from automated campaigns which is also typically driven from as low as 5% send volume.
Whilst working with MandM direct, RedEye delivered 55 personalised campaigns across 7 different countries, bringing in a six-figure revenue from automation. Read the case study here!

A streamlined strategy

Marketing automation can be implemented at many different levels to streamline your marketing strategy. Technology targets specific challenges within your business regarding time and resource management, efficiency and revenue.
This carries multiple benefits for marketers, enabling them to manage their time, better connect with customers and deliver stronger results.


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About the author

Andy Gilhooley
Andy Gilhooley Product Marketing Manager
Andy is our Product Marketing Manager and has been in the industry for over 20 years. There is nothing Andy doesn’t know about email and multichannel campaigns. He currently sits on the Email Council at the DMA.

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