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The results are in! 54% of UK marketers are savvy in their knowledge of key marketing trends

29th July 2020 - 5 mins


By Andy Gilhooley

, Product Marketing Manager

Last month digital marketers from across the country took part in RedEye’s Marketing ‘Buzz’ Buster quiz to test their knowledge on key marketing terms and trends identified in our ‘Buzz’ Barometer research.

Our participants had no issues knowing that personalisation and contextualisation have different meanings with a mammoth 98% getting this question correct.
Personalisation ensures the offers, content and website experience meet the exact requirements and interests of your customer whereas Contextualisation goes a step further than personalisation considering the when and the why of the engagement or purchase.
Knowing the core principles of Agile Marketing only proved a slightly harder question to ask with a huge 89% of respondents correctly identifying that ‘Effective only in companies of over 5,000+ employees’ is not a core Agile Marketing principle and is an approach that can be adopted by any business, irrespective of size.
Marketing automation
As we had hoped and expected, over 95% of respondents knew the benefits of marketing automation are many and varied and the answer to this question was all of the above including improved targeting of messages, improved customer experience and improved ROI.
Marketing automation has many more benefits than the ones listed here but ROI, user experience and targeting very important. An improvement in ROI is a benefit that is incredibly important to our clients; at RedEye we see on average an 38% increase in ROI from automation revenue.
And it’s not difficult to achieve either, welcome journeys, abandon browse/basket, wish list and payday reminders are simple to set up and are great revenue earners and with superb conversion rates.
Our question on User Experience and Customer Experience proved to be the trickiest of the quiz for our participants with 69% getting the answer correct that both UX and CX leads to customer loyalty. CX and UX both need to play a major role in building customer retention are incredibly important and cannot thrive without each other.
Exceptional CX is easier to achieve when you can join up the dots and combine all those data touchpoints into one single source. We know that marketing automation and our single customer view is key here for successful brands. By having this full picture, you can confidently influence and give positive experiences at each stage of the customer journey.
Over the past two years or so all marketers have been inundated with information regarding GDPR so it came as no surprise that 88% of respondents knew the answer that Government COVID-19 messaging was exempt due to overwhelming public interest.
Remaining GDPR compliant needn’t be a time consuming task either. Again, by using automation software like RedEye, which houses all those data silos, we know that our clients can process hundreds of Right to be Forgotten and Subject Access Requests in just a few clicks.
Our marketers know their Google quotes! Over 95% of respondents knew that consumers are increasingly using smart phones for micro-moment interactions to learn, discover and buy. Micro -moments is where the idea is to capture an audience for just a few seconds, to drive clear intention or action.
Data connections
92% answered true to the question that more marketers say they understand the importance of multi-channel marketing than actually use it in their marketing strategy. According to Invesp, 95% of marketers say they know how important multichannel marketing is for targeting. However, only 73% say they have a multichannel strategy in place.
At RedEye we come across this challenge on a daily basis where marketers know they need an intelligent multichannel strategy but struggle to find the time to fully implement it across their business. Over the last 20 years we’ve made this seemingly complex and difficult task simple and much easier to digest and implement. And the results speak for themselves!
The final quiz question proved to be the second toughest of all with 77% of respondents answering correctly that all of options listed (My Starbucks Rewards, Nike+ and Fuelband and McDonald’s Monopoly Game) were examples of gamification.
The final scores for our Marketing ‘Buzz’ Buster quiz resulted in an extremely savvy 6% of marketers getting full marks. And 48% were kicking themselves for being just one question away from a perfect score. 24% correctly answered six questions and the remaining 22% answered between three and five questions correctly.

The final grades

The emerging marketing – 2%
The vigilant marketer – 44%
The savvy marketer – 54%

About the author

Andy Gilhooley
Andy Gilhooley Product Marketing Manager
Andy is our Product Marketing Manager and has been in the industry for over 20 years. There is nothing Andy doesn’t know about email and multichannel campaigns. He currently sits on the Email Council at the DMA.

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