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What’s stopping you from creating better campaigns?

30th August 2023 - 22 mins


By Lauren Heckman

, Content Marketing Manager

Watch our interview with RedEye Marketing Director Rachael Kotadia and Senior Account Executive Tom Clarke, discussing the simple and effective ways marketers can start sending better campaigns to their audiences.

Currently marketers are still sending too many generic marketing campaigns, which we have seen over and over as the top way to lose the interest of your database.
Tailoring your messaging, products and even the send time of the email to each specific customer can be so easy and is the perfect way to keep customers engaged in your email marketing.

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In this video, Rachael and Tom discuss:


  • What do we mean by sending ‘better campaigns’
  • Data Dictionaries
  • Sending Strategy
  • Trusting the tech
  • Testing


Getting customer data into an actionable state

One of the main issues marketers are faced with – and is preventing them from sending personalised campaigns – is their data.
If starting from scratch Tom suggests a data dictionary, a file collating all of the data points from around the business, as a starting point to have a central point of reference to analyse the patterns of your shoppers and inform your marketing strategy.
He also goes into how you can start gathering more data from your customer base through things such as preference centres, to help tailor your marketing and accelerate the personalisation even further.

Trusting the tech can also be considered an issue

As marketers we have all encountered the dread when clicking launch on an email campaign and the pang of worry there could be a mistake with some of the personalisation, but Tom encourages us to trust the tech, this is what it is made for, personalisation at scale!

Embrace AI tools

To create even better campaigns, we need to embrace the emergence of even more AI tools that are now available such as Predictive Frequency Manager (PFM).
This is perfect to prevent over-sending to customers who are starting to disengage with your emails to ensure you don’t end up going into the junk folder, or worse receiving an unsubscribe.
Also, generative AI tools to create new content, campaign ideas and even copy tailored to your audience is another arena that’s going to develop further over the coming years that we need to keep staying up to date with.

Testing is key

Finally testing is a key area Tom really encourages, every month at least, testing how your database reacts and engages with different types of content, subject lines and CTAs.
An underrated tool you can utilise to learn more about your customer and what they like to receive in their inbox. Would you have thought just rounding the corner of the CTA buttons would make an impact?
Watch the full video where they discuss all things campaigns, how we can look to improve our engagement rates, Tom’s top automation campaigns you need to get running and his top 3 campaign improvement takeaways.

This video is hosted by YouTube which contains a tracking cookie. Please accept Marketing Cookies to watch this video.


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