Black Friday

With Black Friday and the peak period just around the corner, it’s time to put your plans in place!

Black Friday 2022

With inflation at its highest rate for 40 years, the energy crisis to fully bite this winter and food costs rising monthly, consumer’s wallets have never been more stretched. Shoppers will be looking for more value, carefully considering options and making some cutbacks.
For a successful peak period in 2022 brands need to personalise, segment, reach the inbox and offer an exceptional customer experience to entice customers to buy.

Our Black Friday guide is packed with advice and tips for you to put into action this year to do just that!

Black Friday sending trends

Black Friday & Cyber Monday sending trends

RedEye breakdown their analysis of more than 180+ leading retail brands to undercover trends during last years Black Friday event.

How to capture customers

How to capture customers and preferences in time

It’s now time to put your Black Friday plans in place to capture new customers and existing customers preferences.

Deliverability advice for Black Friday

How to build your Black Friday sending strategy

Tim Roe and Chris Wilde examine how you can build your Black Friday sending strategy and stay out of the spam box.

7 ways to standout in the inbox this Black Friday

7 creative ways to standout in the inbox this Black Friday

Sarah Sherwood, RedEye’s Creative Design Manager shares her tips for standing out in a crowded inbox this Black Friday.

Optimising your marketing automation for Black Friday

Optimising your marketing automation for Black Friday

Danni Hunt, Head of Multi-Channel gives her tips for refreshing your automated campaigns ahead of Black Friday.

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