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SMS Marketing is a unique part of multi-channel marketing

The brilliance of SMS Marketing is all down to its unique nature. Any smart phone or mobile phone, anywhere in the world, can receive text messages. In the ‘always on’ world of Mobile Marketing, it is a deeply personal medium, delivered straight to the recipient’s phone. Read rates are above 90%, response times are minutes and return on investment can be fantastic.

Get personal with Contour SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing provides you with an opportunity to get up close and personal to your customers. No omni-channel strategy is complete without SMS Marketing providing an unparalleled opportunity to reach the ‘always on’ consumer at the right time.

Why SMS Marketing makes the perfect tool

SMS Marketing is a direct and immediate channel. It is highly personal and creates the best impact when delivering personalised messages and offers with short timescales, such as flash sales promotions or encouraging customers to participate in research. When used with geographical analysis held in RedEye’s Single Customer View database, SMS Marketing allows retailers to support specific store or local events.

SMS Marketing plays a key role in your multi-channel strategy

Whether you’re looking to build one-off SMS campaigns or an advanced omni-channel strategy, Contour from RedEye is the dedicated technology platform you need to get started. When used as part of an overall strategy, it can really enhance key channels by improving open and engagement rates.

We are here to help set you up and provide you with all the necessary tools, such as Shortcodes or keywords to simplify response management.

SMS Marketing driven by data

A Single Customer View is at the heart of everything we do, it is what makes our SMS Marketing unique. Engagement data allows for Predictive Analytics and sophisticated database management, so you can build an increasingly complete view of your customer.

We saw SMS as a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of an event in store and online, and felt that the nature of the text would not prove too invasive by the recipient. The campaign generated an omni-channel ROI over 1400% which goes to show just how effective SMS can be. We will continue to work closely with RedEye on our email marketing and look forward to implementing future SMS campaigns.

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