Webinar: The evolution of customer loyalty - delivering a personalised customer experience

    Being personal isn't just about knowing the customers' name and dropping it onto an email. This webinar will look at how to ensure the whole journey is tailored and that your data drives the possibility to do this.

    In this topical and stimulating panel discussion Andy Stockwell, RedEye’s Chief Commercial Officer, discusses customer loyalty and how marketing automation is an essential tool in driving customer loyalty - from single purchasers to brand advocates.

    Joined by four leading retail digital marketers they discuss...

    • How to effectively use your data to deliver personalised experiences to drive loyalty
    • Changes in customer behaviour during the pandemic and how that has impacted loyalty
    • Top trends in loyalty now customers have gone online
    • Make informed customer decisions to drive engagement and deliver a good customer experience



    Andy Stockwell, Chief Commercial Officer, RedEye

    Rebecca Saunders, Founder & CEO, Seekology

    Emily Laws, Senior Marketing Manager, Lucky Saint

    Desi Reuben-Sealey, Senior UX/UI Manager, Debenhams (2018-2020)

    Nabila Richardson, Head of Marketing, Quintessentially Travel Group (2019-2020)

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