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Make the move to a platform that's customised specially for your customer data

The one-size-fits-all model of bundling B2B and B2C limits your potential and causes headaches when trying to do anything that’s specific to the way your business manages customer data, especially if you don’t use Shopify.
RedEye’s approach to marketing automation is different – we create platforms individually to our customer’s needs and requirements. You aren’t pigeonholed down a single path – resulting in happy faces and stress free times!

We offer a full range of services for email and sms marketing

Fed up with not being listened to or getting the support you deserve?

Marketing automation and multi-channel marketing is a specialism, even the best of tools cannot solve everything. You need support, advice and guidance. AI generated live chat or the dreaded ticketing system that may or may not be answered in a week’s time is not the RedEye way.
Each customer is allocated a dedicated account management team who you can call, email or video conference. Yes, talking to real humans and seeing their friendly faces giving you the advice you need.
And it’s not just about support. Our team are tasked with your success, they’ll be making regular strategic suggestions, tactical campaign ideas and pushing you regularly to achieve higher conversion rates.

Female Marketer in control of all their customer data

Use your customer data, the way you intended and create remarkable personalised campaigns

Because we offer a customised onboarding experience we can combine and connect your customer data from multiple sources into a SCV you’ve not experienced before.
So what does that mean? It’s means you’ll uncover new opportunities from a complete picture. All the dots will be joined and for the first time you’ll have full confidence in your segmentation to power personalisation with exceptional results.
Your customers will love opening your emails!

A flexible and easy to use campaign canvas for creating automated workflows for email and SMS

Power multichannel customer journeys from a single screen

By moving to RedEye you get to create automated workflows in a more flexible way.
Our platform allows you to create relevant customer journeys that are seamless across any channel – all from the same workflow. Send as many follow-up’s, SMS messages, Web Push, App Push or retargeting ads from a single flow.
Our rules component gives you far more control over who receives what message, allowing you to be ultra targeted on your customer’s preferred channels.

Set up threshold notifications to alert you to changes in campaign activity

Enjoy using a full reporting suite, that'll suggest insights

Frustrated at not being able to effectively analyse your campaign results? Not with RedEye, our customer intelligence reporting dashboards are far superior.
From any report you can drill down to ask any question of your data. Quickly combine, filter or pivot to create your own visualisations and custom dashboards.
We use AI insight detection algorithms to help you identify trends. It will uncover anomalies and identify unusual patterns for you. Once it does it’ll send you an email to go check it out!
And querying your results is so simple. Using GenAI just type in questions such as ‘What are our top performing campaigns from this quarter?’ and the results will be delivered.

Predict the behaviour of your customers

Upgrade your marketing game and use AI-driven segmentation

In addition to real life strategy recommendations from your account management team, you’ll also get access to AI-driven strategy via our predicted analytics models.
With RedEye, our database learns your customer’s behaviours and can their predict future behaviour.
Take the next step in marketing automation and go AI-driven with a pre-set of 8 models including favourites such as prospect conversion, predicted churn and predicted VIPs.

A marketing automation provider you can trust

Making the switch can be fraught with migration issues and headaches, fear not. RedEye is recognised by G2 as a Leader and High Performer.
We are recognised as the Easiest To Do Business With marketing automation provider in Spring 2022. Our onboarding is second to none!

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