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10 tips to make sure your email creatives in your automation workflows don’t go stale

24th June 2024 - 5 mins


By Lauren Heckman

, Content Marketing Manager

Have you ever made your favourite lunch too often that you end up dreading eating it again? This is how your customers feel when opening the same repetitive and tired emails.

When setting up automated emails it’s correct that you can sit back and let them run day in and day out populating with the relevant behavioural content that the customers have self-segmented themselves into but that cycle can’t go on forever without intervention.
Ensuring your emails are not forgotten and are using fresh brand content and images that mirror your website and social media is a quick win but what else could you be doing?
Here are some elements we recommend you review quarterly to keep your messaging and design up-to-date, optimised and engaging.
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1. Subject line reviews

Ensuring you are using personalisation within your subject lines and whilst it’s everyone’s go-to to use first name, there are many layers of personalisation.
Splitting out your sends into different demographical groups and using subject lines which make the most sense to these users can mean the user opens the email vs. scrolling past.
With RedEye you can also use our GenAI subject line generator which scans your creative’s headlines and copy to offer 5 compelling subject lines to choose from.
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2. Send Time Optimisation

Choosing the optimum time to contact your customers doesn’t need to be a massive pain point for you and your marketing team.
Utilising our Send Time Optimisation tool means no more guesswork or hours on analysis.
It takes into account up to 6 months of analysis to launch campaigns to precisely each contact most likely to purchase, not just open and clicks.
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3. Updating key images

As mentioned earlier a quick win is swapping your outdated product images for new ones and ensuring you are using those that are in line with your website and social media pages.
However, using user-generated content images is more likely to grab attention and be more appealing than models or flatshots.
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4. User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) can bring a fresh perspective to your automated emails. Featuring customer reviews, testimonials, or photos of customers using your products not only builds trust but also adds authenticity to your campaigns.
Encourage your customers to share their experiences on social and integrate this content into your emails to keep them fresh and relatable.
Using RedEye’s interactive content, you can insert social feeds or hashtags into your creatives, and they’ll continually update with the newest posts!
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5. New header and footers

This is a key one that needs updating more than most businesses do. Updating how your menu displays or testing different elements in your headers and footers can mean that you increase your conversion by simply rearranging their order or changing their font colour.
Also, test how and where your social links are displayed, is it worth only displaying the social media your segment is most likely to engage with rather than them all?
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6. Interactive content

Adding interactive elements to your email templates adds something more eye-catching and grabs attention. Sometimes these can be an intimidating aspect of email building, will it work? Have I set it up correctly?
If you were ever unsure if something was set up correctly we can help you to implement a whole interactive suite into your emails.
This can include a range of things from live countdown clocks to carousels, personalised imagery, polls, live weather forecasts and more. The interactive elements also give an additional level of personalisation that can’t be beaten.
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7. Gamification

Games, Quizzes, Data collection – how better to get a greater understanding of your customers than letting them do quizzes and play games within your emails and use them to gather data?
This is a huge trending topic at the moment and appeals greatly to Millennials and Gen Z. Our integration with Odicci offers a wide range of gaming options.
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8. Seasonal themes and national holidays

Incorporating seasonal and holiday content into your email automations can boost engagement by making your messages timely and relevant.
This can be achieved either by adding special banner content, updating hero imagery or playfully amending your header and footers helping to ensure that your email content remains fresh and engaging.
By updating your creatives to reflect current events and festivities, you’ll capture your reader’s attention and create a sense of urgency.
RedEye’s Saved Rows and Synced Rows in our Email Builder makes this even easier to manage. Simply update your seasonal banner in one template and it’ll propagate throughout all your creatives that use this row.
No more having to update every automated email, one-by-one!
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9. Regularly render test

Email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook frequently update their rendering engines, which can affect how your emails are displayed.
What looked perfect a few months ago might now have formatting issues, broken images, or misplaced text. To avoid these pitfalls, it’s essential to regularly render test your email creatives.
Thankfully, RedEye has a built in render testing integration with Litmus to ensure your creatives are always pixel-perfect across all email clients.
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10. And finally, A/B test

A/B testing should be a cornerstone of your email automation strategy. By testing different versions of your email creatives, you can identify what works best with your audience. Experiment with various subject lines, images, and CTAs. But only test one thing at a time!
Use the insights gained to continuously refine your automated emails, ensuring they remains effective and engaging over time.

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Lauren Heckman
Lauren Heckman Content Marketing Manager
Lauren is a Content Marketing Manager. With keen interest in strategic campaign planning and digital marketing trends in the B2B market.

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