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Does customer loyalty even exist? on demand webinar

Marketers strive for the holy grail of securing long-lasting customer loyalty – but what does loyalty look like and how can it be harnessed? In this on-demand webinar, we’ll show you how to capture those customers that are most loyal and keep hold of them!

With all businesses having accelerated their digital transformation online competition is fierce and customers are tempted by alternative brands in all directions to spend their hard-earned cash.
How can you capture those customers that are most loyal and keep hold of them for as long as you can?
In this webinar you’ll hear insights from RedEye experts on what loyalty looks like for real life brands and the marketplace overall.

Key Themes

Loyalty comes in many shapes and forms
Harnessing the power of your data to identify who is most valuable to your brand
The key to keeping customers returning and engaging with your brand
What data is available at each stage of the customer journey?
The value of loyalty

Key info

Duration: 25 minutes
Hosted by: Rachael Kotadia, Head of Marketing at RedEye
With: James Ede, Head of Client Success at RedEye and Adam Hosker, Senior Marketing Automation Specialist at RedEye
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