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Econsultancy and RedEye: Customer Lifetime Value Report 2019

RedEye and Econsultancy’s report on Customer Lifetime Value is here!

This 2019 report is based on a survey of over 600 marketers, providing us with their views and benchmarks for their organisation’s approach to Customer Lifetime Value.
What you can find out in our Customer Lifetime Value Report:

Prioritising Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) can be defined as the total worth of a customer to a company over the lifespan of the relationship. It is a different metric to loyalty because it is tied to the bottom line. CLTV is intrinsically linked with profitability and tangible revenue growth.

Tactics and strategies to drive CLTV

A core part of increasing customer lifetime value is the science of predictive analytics. Using numerous, sophisticated datasets, companies can look at patterns and derive the likelihood of a future event. Find out what strategies your peers are using and what they have found the most effective.

The role of technology

This section looks at the different marketing technologies that could be employed to help drive your Customer’s Lifetime Value.

Challenges and barriers

Most companies broadly understand that improving CLTV is a huge opportunity for growth. This section looks at what challenges businesses are facing.
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