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Infographic: The evolution of marketing automation

2nd December 2021 - 1 mins


By Andy Gilhooley

, Product Marketing Manager

As a business grows, marketing campaign volumes can increase dramatically, but that doesn’t mean your marketing team can grow at the same rate.

Automation bridges the gap between campaign requirements and marketing resources – bringing greater efficiency and scalability.
Our new infographic the evolution of marketing automation explores three different levels of automation, from beginner all the way through to advanced.

Just starting off

There are a handful of easy to launch and leave automation campaigns we recommend setting up first. These tend to be your bread and butter such as:

Welcome Journeys

Gather as much data on your new customer, get them engaged with your brand and start working towards that customer loyalty.

Abandoned Browser

Combining with personalised data prompt customers to make purchases on products you know they have recently viewed.

Abandon baskets

One of the most successful campaigns you can set up – encourage customers to finish making that purchase.

Start to grow

Start analysing your database more, and have separate marketing tactics set up for customers and prospects.
Looking at where customers are in the lifecycle you are able to target campaigns to them, keeping them engaged and preventing churn.

Advanced Automation

Acquire, grow, and retain customers at scale, maximising revenue and building that customer lifetime value with AI and machine learning.
It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t and presents opportunities to grow without needing more resources.
Check out our infographic and see where your business currently sits and where you can go next!
Download The Evolution of Marketing Automation here

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Andy Gilhooley
Andy Gilhooley Product Marketing Manager

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