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Introducing the Resources Section including RedEye’s Product Roadmap

25th April 2022 - 5 mins


By Andy Gilhooley

, Product Marketing Manager

We’re excited to announce a brand new section to the RedEye platform – Resources!

Resources has three areas for you to explore: the Product Roadmap, the Changelog and API Documentation as well as a place to see the latest platform notifications.
Take a look either at our overview video below or log-in to see it in action for yourself

Watch below


By sharing our Product Roadmap with you it reaffirms our commitment to working together, offers greater levels of transparency and allows you to actively become involved in the future of the platform.
The Roadmap is broken down into key areas such as User Experience, Data, Campaign Management, Major Enhancements and more! The timeline gives you an indication of when these improvements will be appearing.
We look forward to collecting more customer feedback than ever before and welcome your thoughts on what we have planned in for the coming year.
The Product Changelog section is a month-by-month list of all the improvements and fixes we’ve made to the platform. Our development team are constantly making enhancements week by week.
The list goes all the way back to December 2020 and is well worth a look through. You may find there’s an improvement you’ve previously missed and could be utilising in your day-to-day operations.
The API Documentation section is vital for your technical teams to learn how to access resources and endpoints to perform operations such as sending emails, SMS and updating customer preferences via the REST API using JSON requests.

About the author

Andy Gilhooley
Andy Gilhooley Product Marketing Manager
Andy is our Product Marketing Manager and has been in the industry for over 20 years. There is nothing Andy doesn’t know about email and multichannel campaigns. He currently sits on the Email Council at the DMA.

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