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The power of marketing automation to seamlessly improve the customers review experience

23rd February 2021 - 5 mins


By Rachael Kotadia

, Marketing Director

The power of the people


The buying decision process is increasingly being influenced by customer reviews, both positive and negative. In an Econsultancy blog it was reported that 85% of people are said to trust online reviews more than they do personal recommendations, while customers are reported to spend 31% more with companies who have excellent reviews.


To help reassure potential new customers to purchase, RedEye partnered with TrustPilot to enable our clients’ customers to review their experience they had with a brand.

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Removing the barriers to writing reviews, targeting verified customers and sending at the right time


Brands have long been the target of fake reviews, which is why TrustPilot introduced verified reviews from real purchasers to instill trust and give confidence to potential customers that they are making the right choice.


To enable this, RedEye’s seamless integration with TrustPilot has allowed clients to introduce automated post-purchase campaigns to verified purchasers to aid in increasing the number of positive reviews and improve their star rating.


By integrating with Trustpilot’s Business Generated Links Service, unique and friendly tracking links are easily incorporated into post-purchase emails, which are then automated to send to verified purchasers.


Not only does this automation benefit our clients’ internal teams, but through including the business generated link their customers can seamlessly place their product reviews without the need to log-in or register with Trustpilot.


The user experience is now simple, fast, and fun. By capturing the customer at that right time – and the ability to leave their review in one click direct from the email – customers became more likely to not only leave a review, but a positive one.

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Significantly improving your star rating with an enhanced customer feedback loop


Tracking, analysing, and responding to reviews has added extra layers of trust to the research phase for potential customers beginning their buying journey.


RedEye clients who use the TrustPilot platform are now in control of their customer review programme with one notable improvement for a financial sector client seeing a huge increase from a 1-star rating, to 4-stars in just six months.


Insights passed by RedEye into the Trustpilot dashboards means that clients are in a stronger position to improve their product and service offerings based on customer feedback as well as the ability to utilise review data to optimise their segmentation and personalisation strategies, such as displaying review prompts within tactical emails to recent purchasers yet to leave a review and personalising content based on the products reviewed.


Improve your star rating with RedEye’s seamless TrustPilot integration which enables you to harness the power of marketing automation to reduce a manual review process, identify verified purchasers to positively impact your review star rating and create an enhanced feedback loop to ultimately improve the customer experience.


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