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As a marketing channel, email continues to thrive and remains a firm customer and brand favourite. For the recipient, it’s non-invasive, purely permission based and relevant. For the sender, it’s cost efficient, easy to deliver and can reach large audiences within a matter of moments. And for the marketer, it provides truly measurable campaign analytics. Discover our Email Marketing technology.

Contour - an Email Marketing platform like no other

RedEye’s unique technology platform, Contour, is centred on delivering unrivalled ROI. RedEye’s Email Marketing Tool is one of the most broad-ranging and powerful in the marketplace.

Ensure relevant email content with Contour

Contour’s Email Marketing Automation abilities ensure your emails are always relevant to your customer. RedEye utilises a range of capabilities including behavioural data and agile content to maximise relevancy and increase key conversions, also allowing the recipient to resend the message at a more convenient time, with a personalised reminder message via email, SMS or both.

Want to make your communications stand out from the crowd? Explore the interactive email features we could help you to implement.

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Email services - a key part of your multi-channel strategy

Contour's email services allow you to either automate your email as part of a highly optimised cross-channel approach or use it to send business-as-usual offer-led, weekly campaigns. Contour enables rich behavioural and customer lifecycle algorithms to be easily applied to any email campaign type, driving highly relevant content to the masses without compromising a brand’s business requirements.

Explore the evolution of Email Marketing

RedEye has witnessed the evolution of the email channel from the very start, adapting our tool to fit with new cultures and behaviours.

Data has always been at the very heart of everything we provide, with customer behaviour triggering responses rather than demographic or blanket assumptions. Consumers have also evolved. There is a wealth of choice at your customer’s fingertips in an instant, so engagement is a vital component to successful email campaigns. With an abundance of inbox activity and the shrinking attention span of consumers, content must be relevant, intelligent, exciting and captivating.

What influences Email Marketing today?

The rise of Mobile Marketing has had the most profound influence on marketing strategies in the last decade. Mobile’s impact on consumer behaviour and lifestyle habits has made email the perfect portal for intelligent marketing communications. At RedEye, we harness the power of behavioural data and the opportunity provided by an increasingly mobile internet to create Email Marketing that drives incredible results.

The in-depth data analysis RedEye carried out has enabled us to create relevant and engaging email communications which were key to creating a conversation with prospects we had not communicated with before. We couldn’t be happier with the results and look forward to working on more projects with RedEye!

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