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Why the Klaviyo Professional Services announcement leads to more questions than answers

8th March 2024 - 4 mins


By Rachael Kotadia

, Marketing Director

There is a lot of noise going around in the world of email marketing about Klaviyo’s new Professional Services packages. This includes some in their partnership programme who feel let down.

It’s always been portrayed as Klaviyo is an easy, plug and play system for growing businesses. Is that always the case? Whilst their native Shopify integration is powerful (we also have one too!), for brands using other ecommerce platforms or CRMs is the picture as straight-forward?
What options do you have? Figure out implementation yourself, buy their professional services, or pay one of their agency partners to help.
This is when a cheaper looking marketing automation solution suddenly might not be as budget friendly as you’d planned for.
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Do Klaviyo’s Professional Services unveil the hidden costs you may not be expecting?

Let’s say you have 60,000 customer records and are growing fast. The starting price for this is currently $875 a month. However, you’ll probably soon be on the next tier and paying more.
If you have no internal expertise to set-up your account and Klaviyo’s live chat system has 200+ in the queue ahead of you. Perhaps you might bite the bullet and use Klaviyo’s Professional Services?

Restrictive design services producing generic designs?

First up, you want a beautifully crafted and unique email design template. But it looks like you only get 6 sections built using their Email Builder software without the use of any custom coding.
That could be pretty restrictive and force you down a generic cookie-cutter route. If that happens, you’ll look the same as everyone else!
For a similar price, RedEye clients get so much more.
They get an exclusive email design created by our inhouse email design team which can be as unique as your brand identity. Custom html code? No problem with us, and you’ll certainly not be limited to just 6 sections.

Implementation Service package – is it enough?

Next up, you’ll want to get full use out of your customer data and not be restricted by a basic set up. Basic set ups cause friction and frustration, so you decide to use Klaviyo’s new Email Implementation Services Package.
Looking at the detail though, it looks like you may only get your account setup with 8 segments and 7 workflows, 2 list uploads, technical consultation for your ecommerce integration and warming guidance for deliverability.
That doesn’t sound like much compared to what RedEye clients can access. It appears as though this implementation package is limited so that you’ll end up with additional on-going costs throughout your contract term, whenever you need help.
That introduces a lot of uncertainty about unknown running costs. And that’s not an easy discussion for a marketer in 2024, who is under tough budget restraints, to have with their Finance Director.
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RedEye does it a different way – and always has done

We’ve always offered guided support right from technical scoping calls with our Sales teams before any contracts are signed, through to being always there as your inhouse marketer.
We understand that your growing business is making a sizeable investment in marketing technology, and you don’t want to be stung with having to pay extra to get value out of a marketing automation platform when you realise you can’t do it alone.
RedEye have always taken the implementation and setup part very seriously right from the start to get maximum value, and quickly. We know that guided support through that process will get you your time to value back quicker.
Fast growing brands such as Hayloft Plant and Elegant Resorts are prime examples of this.
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For over 25 years, we’ve been the experts at data unification, ingestion and deliverability

Also, not everyone has their customer data in ideal form for simple integrations. You need experts to review, digest and combine what you have. That’s not making things complex, that is truly understanding your business.
And that’s also why each and every new client gets an onboarding project manager to oversee your customer data setup.
We know that all the great things you want to achieve starts with data, and our inhouse teams get excited to get it in good shape for you as a marketer, from the very beginning to be able to send the campaigns that you want.
And those campaigns need to land in the inbox so you can achieve quick time to value, so IP warming – on your own dedicated IP – is a no brainer.
You’ll always have access to our deliverability team to answer your inbox placement queries.
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We hate to see marketers being held back!

We don’t charge extra for any of this when buying the RedEye platform. That is just part of what we do. And who we are as a business.
So, what will it be?
From under £20,000 you’ll be treated with the care and attention your growing business deserves.
Book a call with one of our friendly team to discuss a flexible and budget friendly approach to your email marketing needs.
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